Facts About Lori


  • I’m a details-matter, big picture, process-driven person. I focus on strategy, and process improvement (ask me about the library of forms I created for expediting daily tasks), and I am all about using actual data to make smart decisions to achieve company goals. 


  • I love to know and learn new things. I’m always taking an online class for business, marketing, design, or software. It’s important to always be learning and re-learning because things change so quickly!  


  • I care about design and how things look. To me, it’s important that projects are clean, tight, thoughtful, and well-documented.


  • I’m also very people-oriented. I’ll always be trying to get you to have lunch while we talk about a project. My very best friends today are the people I have worked with in my career.  I especially appreciate IT teams. I respect their knowledge and I work well with them to gather information and make data-driven decisions.


  • I am a big fan of mentoring people who are eager to learn. 


  • I have a very large set of diverse skills because quite often I will be working on a project where there isn’t staff, time, or money to work with a vendor, so I can pinch-hit in many different areas. Whether I need to edit, add SEO, write a feature story, or design something completely new, I have the skills to do that. Adobe Creative Cloud (ie: Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Rush), and collaborative tools like Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Canva, Google Drive, Trello, Zapier, JotForms. WordPress, Assorted CMS, HTML.


  • My favorite thing is being part of a very smart, collaborative team, learning and growing, and making things happen! 


  • The best thing that happened to me this year at work? My favorite Microsoft Team (Azure Data & AI)  sent me a team hoodie!  That will surely make my 2022 hilite reel! 


Email: lori@loribratz.com   Call: 425-761-8263

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