Hi there! I’m Lori Bratz

Hi there!
I’m Lori Bratz – a high-energy, extremely client-focused communicator and team leader with program & project management, marketing, presentation, writing, web content, web production, traffic, and technical operations management expertise.

Things I’m good at

Program Management Strategy; Devising new programs that support organizational objectives, defining sustainable goals, evaluating and assessing program strengths and weaknesses, monitoring projects to ensure goals are met, managing stakeholder relationships

Project Management  WBS, Phasing, Scheduling, Change Management, Documentation

Social Media Design  Deployment and Management

Website Design and Management; Assorted CMS

Live Event/Online Production/Design/Show Running

Measuring Marketing Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Social Media Platform Analytics 

Process Automation  GoogleSuite, Jott Forms, Zapier, Trello

Content, Training Materials, Writing, Editing, SEO  

Creative Material Designing: Photoshop, InDesign,  Canva

Video Editing Adobe Premiere Rush

Vendor Management: Contract Negotiation, Relationship Management

Email: lori@loribratz.com   Call: 425-761-8263