Sound has played a vital role in the community for over 50 years. And now, during the Covid-19 crisis, Sound’s team of experts continues to serve thousands of clients in person as well as via telehealth every month. Join us as we continue to visit and celebrate Sound’s Heroes of the Pandemic.

The heart and soul of our model of care are the people who work here, helping clients get through these scary, unprecedented times. We will continue to work with people and we will get through this together with these Heroes of the Pandemic.

When Governor Inslee issued strict quarantine measures for Washington State due to Covid-19, team members at Sound got to work. “Instead of panicking, the Operations Team at Sound got organized,” said Hansen. “One of my first assignments was to get the necessary supplies to help protect team members and clients.”

Hansen immediately rolled up her sleeves, and started working to help. “Like everyone else, I was stunned at the gravity of the situation. We serve over 26,000 people at Sound. I wanted to do everything I could to make sure the team and the clients all had the proper personal protective gear to stay safe,” said Hansen

Procuring personal protective equipment (PPE) for the entire organization was not an easy task.

“Back when Covid-19 started, it was really tough to get PPE,” said Sound Safety Manager Hailey Willman. “Elyssa really worked hard to get PPE to keep clients and team members safe. She was really key in making things happen.”

Director of Administrative Services Eric Cota had this to say about Elyssa, “Elyssa has ensured, since day one, that we had all of the Covid supplies we needed. Elyssa spent almost the first few months doing nothing but shopping. Since supplies were difficult to find – at least at first – she spent a lot of time researching different vendors, checking back constantly on availability, etc. She also has done a tremendous job tracking the supplies and the associated costs, and she took the opportunity to install shelving in the room across the hall from her to create an organized space. Elyssa also spends quite a bit of time each week fulfilling orders from all of our clinical and housing locations.”

We’re thankful and proud of you Elyssa. Thank you for joining Sound and for being a Hero of the Pandemic.