Sound has played a vital role in the community for over 50 years. And now, during the Covid-19 crisis, Sound’s team of experts continues to serve thousands of clients in person as well as via telehealth every month. Join us as we continue to visit and celebrate Sound’s Heroes of the Pandemic.

The heart and soul of our model of care are the people who work here, helping clients get through these scary, unprecedented times. We will continue to work with people and we will get through this together with these Heroes of the Pandemic.

Maia Leslie is a clinician at Sound. Maia’s office is with her IDD team at the Capitol Hill location, but these days, Maia is conducting most of her client work online. Recently, Maia created an online group called Music with Maia, a virtual group that meets online on Friday afternoons with clients who log in to participate.

“Music is such a universal language! I just love to see happy faces smiling and singing on our video group chats. It’s encouraging to know that we can be the highlight of someone’s day – maybe even their week,” says Maia. “To me, the most important thing about our work is giving people hope – something to look forward to. Participating in the group is social, and fun, and happy. It’s really about self-care. I’m so proud to be a part of this team!”

Maia, thank you for caring for the people we serve. Thank you for being a Hero of the Pandemic!