The Sound Facilities team has been working diligently to keep facilities clean and safe for both team members and the people we serve, exceeding the CDC as well as state recommendations for facility cleaning.

In addition to their vigorous and thorough cleaning routines, team members have been making the rounds at all Sound locations, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces with a technology called electrostatic cleaning to help fight the Coronavirus. It is the favored tool of leading organizations like Sound.

Vice President & Chief Operations Officer Guy Delisi recommended the purchase of the equipment to keep facilities as clean as possible, to ensure the safety of clients and team members.

“Traditional disinfecting using spray bottles is often not effective for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and spaces. Fortunately, there is a way to disinfect more areas – more efficiently than traditional sprays and rags – it’s called electrostatic cleaning. Electrostatic cleaning equipment is a sprayer that ensures 360-degree coverage. That means the spray from the machine extends around the area to reach all sides and crevices, such as the space between furniture cushions and inside the fabric, making sure every corner and crevice gets sanitized,” says Delisi. “With the machine and the EPA-approved sanitizing liquid, electrostatic cleaning can kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and can cover a 450 square foot room in just over 2 minutes.”

How does it work? An Electrostatic sprayer is basically a sprayer that applies an electrostatic charge to the disinfectant as it leaves the sprayer nozzle. The positive electrical charge of the disinfectant attaches to the negative charge of surfaces and eliminates the bacteria and viruses.

“This disinfectant is very thorough,” emphasizes Delisi. “Electrostatic disinfection is just one of the tools we are using to ensure a safe, clean environment.”