Sound provides clear masks to those who need them


At Sound, we have team members and clients who rely on speech reading to communicate. In order to be as safe as possible and to accommodate those team members and clients, Sound’s Safety and Operations Teams have provided team members with 200 clear-faced masks to ensure their safety while helping them communicate effectively and comfortably.  

“Deaf and hard of hearing people rely on facial expressions to communicate, so blocking half of your face removes a crucial source of information. We appreciate Sound’s commitment to removing barriers while keeping us safe,”  says Deaf Services Program Manager Anne Baldwin.

“We are here to support all our team members so they can support the people we serve. We’re glad there is a solutions that makes sense,” added Safety Manager Hailey Willmann.

Please follow this linkto view a webinar by the Center for Hearing and Communication to learn practical strategies for managing social interactions and the emotional impact wearing face masks has on people with hearing loss.